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Vioxx Recall and Lawsuit News

March 2, 2005
FDA ‘lapses' in Vioxx actions

After the Vioxx recall, the FDA was criticized for its oversight in allowing Vioxx to remain on the market as long as it had, despite the risks of heart attacks and strokes discovered.

Estimates by drug safety officials at the FDA attribute as many as 55,000 deaths from heart attacks and strokes because of Vioxx in the years after its heart risks became apparent. Kweder believes giving the FDA the power to require label changes “would be very helpful,” and most witnesses testifying before the panel agreed.

Merck is facing over 800 Vioxx lawsuits, and Kweder's statements could create even greater problems for the company.
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September 30, 2004
Vioxx Pulled From the Market

Vioxx (rofecoxib) was launched in 1999 and has become a blockbuster hit for manufacturer Merck & Co. After recent safety concern flattened its sales to a still highly profitable $2.55 billion in 2003 alone, Merck has announced it is issuing a voluntary withdrawal of Vioxx. Clinical trial data has shown Vioxx increased the risk of blood clots linked to strokes and heart attacks, and after Merck's data safety monitoring board overseeing a long-term Vioxx study confirmed the increased risk of serious cardiovascular events, they recommended the study be halted and a recall be issued. Read Full Article...

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Information about the Vioxx Lawsuit

If you or someone you know was prescribed the drug Vioxx over the last several years, there may a significant risk of health problems. Recent studies have shown that Vioxx (and possibly Celebrex) are more likely to cause blood clots, heart attacks and strokes than traditional arthritis pain relievers. provides users with lawsuit information about Vioxx in order to insure a happy, healthy future.

In a study recently published in the prestigous Journal of the American Medical Association, two cardiologists from the Cleveland Clinic reviewing the manufacturer's of Vioxx previously compiled data shows an increased side effects risk of stroke and heart attack, among other serious cardiovascular events. Originally Vioxx was thought to be "wonder drugs" that had all the benefits of other NSAIDs, but without the side effects.

What has been uncovered, and recently published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, is that Vioxx is not a "wonder drug" and in fact may carry the same and even far greater side effects and risks than the traditional NSAIDs, including higher incidence of stroke, heart attack and other serious cardiovascular events. Additionally, while previously published information about Celebrex would indicate that it is easier on the GI tract than other NSAIDs, that point was brought into dispute when it was learned that Pharmacia, the manufacturer of Celebrex, failed to disclose all of its research data. The FDA's advisory committee on arthritis drugs concluded as recently as February 2001 that Vioxx should carry the same warning as all NSAIDs.

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